How to Survive Homecoming: Helpful DO’s and DON’Ts

Photo credit: Homecoming Alumni Association

Photo credit: Homecoming Alumni Association

Sequin Tata, The Black Bear - Homecoming is probably one of the most anticipating events in college next to graduation of course. This is a time to be surrounded by school spirit and great company. Missouri State can expect a great week of events and football game. A new tailgate area, student section, bronze bear, and increase in attendance will definitely make for an epic homecoming week.

Do enjoy homecoming events.
Don’t overload on homecoming activities.

It is important to be involved and enjoy homecoming with your fellow students. It is also important to not spread yourself too thin and neglect priorities like school and work.

Do record the moment
Don’t be trapped in social media

Technology allows us to document any moment of our life at any time and share with whoever we want. Take advantage of technology and use your camera. Social media can also be a little captivating. Don’t get hung up on posting every photo and figuring out the best caption. You will always have throwback Thursday to post some of those forgotten photos.

Do enjoy the homecoming parade.
Don’t underdressed.

The homecoming parade offers students the opportunity to see the creativity of many student organizations, hear tunes from a variety of marching bands, and possible get some free goodies. October often brings Missouri cold unpredictable weather. It is important to dress for the weather for all outdoor activities. Don’t let the weather ruin your homecoming.

Do cheer your Mostate Bears to a victory

This homecoming our Bears are playing the South Dakota Coyotes. This is going to be game you don’t want to miss. Join your fellow Bears as they cheer the football team on to a victory.

Homecoming will be a great time for everyone. It is a time to come out of seclusion and celebrate many of the things that make Missouri State great. A time to reminisce with alumni and meet new friends. Remember to have fun and be safe.

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