Exclusive Interview with Missouri State President Clif Smart on #HomecomingBlackout

Credit: Office of the President, Missouri State University

Credit: Office of the President, Missouri State University

Christina Gardner and Khadijah Forrest, The Black Bear In this exclusive interview, MSU President Clif Smart gives his reaction to the Homecoming Blackout and speaks candidly on a range of other topics related to issues on campus.

Below are some highlights from an exclusive interview with President Clif Smart:

Smart explains how he became aware of the Blackout demonstration: 0:01 to 0:45

Smart talks about his concern for the demonstrators: 2:27 to 2:47

Smart describes the worries he had initially concerning the demonstration: 3:04 to 4:07

Smart goes into detail about the statement Missouri State University made about the aftermath: 5:59 to 6:50

Smart talks about repercussions for physical harassment: 12:15 to 12:45

Smart talks about what this could mean for African-American student recruitment: 14:11 to 15:15

Smart talks about what his administration will do in the future: 16:29 to 18:17

Smart talks about the racial climate on campus: 18:25 to 21:03

Smart talks about the chalking placed by demonstrators: 21:10 to 24:45

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