Springfield Grocery Store Closes Before Holiday

Photo credit: Briana Simmons

Photo credit: Briana Simmons

By Alisha Harris, The Black Bear - Dillons has a long history with the Springfield community providing groceries at several convenient locations. On Dec. 24, the four locations in Springfield on St. Louis St., Kearney, Sunshine and Battlefield officially closed for business.

Not only will the closing of these stores affect the employees, but also the shoppers. A Dillons customer, Michael expressed his feelings about the news.

“I’m not even from Springfield, but I’m sad this store is going out of business,” he said with a basket full of discounted items.

“I live a couple miles outside of Springfield, but everytime I’m here, this is where I shop. I love this store, but I guess I’ll be going to Walmart now,” he added.

Another customer felt the exact opposite of Michael. John, 43, said Dillons closing would not affect him in any way. He didn’t shop at Dillons often and only came to buy Powerade.

“Besides the convenient store by my house, this is the only place where I can get Powerade for 79 cents,” the customer said.

Springfield residents aren’t the only ones being affected. There are a number of students within five miles of Dillons who considered it their number one choice of where to shop.

Jasmine Johnson, a sophomore at Missouri State, says she will miss Dillons because she hardly uses any gas getting there from her apartment close to campus.

“I’m going to hate driving all the way to Walmart or any other grocery store. I probably won’t go to Walmart because their prices are more expensive,” she said.

According to some of the Dillons employees, there will be a Price Cutter replacing the Dillons location at St. Louis St.

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