Organization Highlight: Untamed Tongues

Untamed Tongues executive board after their first informational meeting. Photo credit: Alex Scott

Untamed Tongues executive board after their first informational meeting. Photo credit: Alex Scott

Briana Simmons, The Black Bear – Untamed Tongues, one of the newest organizations to campus, may be exactly what you’re looking for if you’ve got a thing for wordplay and rhymes.

Rachel Heard, senior entrepreneurial major, said Untamed Tongues is a platform for poets to express themselves and perfect their craft.

She tried everything from rapping to journaling her feelings, but it was poetry that allowed her to explore controversial
and thought-provoking topics.

“I self-express to help others,” Heard said. Membership is open to anyone with a love for poetry, but new members are not expected to have any experience.

Jakobi Connor, junior finance major, said although the organization just officially got its start the journey began a long time ago.

They had to complete the universities requirements for a new organization which includes creating a constitution and bylaws, establishing a membership, attending new organization meetings, and securing an advisor.

“Poetry is important. A great poet can make you feel what they’re saying and not by saying it loudly, but by how they say it and the way that you express something. That’s a very useful tool if you use it the right way,” Connor said.

For Connor, his poetic journey began in 1999. Around this time, he was highly influenced by his older siblings and family members to begin thinking like a poet.

In high school, he wrote his first poem about a close friend who died and since then has written poems.

Connor lost his zealous connection with poetry for a while, but it’s his involvement with Untamed Tongue
“It forced me to start writing again… every hangout we have is always something that can get our minds going,” Connor said.

Instead of naming their meeting time with the seriousness of “meeting” they’ve deemed their meeting time “hangouts” to eliminate the seriousness and create a space much more relaxed and open to expression.

Hangouts are held the first and third Monday of every month at 5 p.m. in Monroe meeting room.

Now, Connor is working on using rhyming, metaphors and word play to express his innermost feelings.

“I can only do my best work when I’m passionate about something… something I’m always passionate about is black empowerment…the topic just comes from how I’m feeling from the passion that’s inside of me at that point,” Connor said.

Heard said they’ll be planning some events in the near future, but until then you can hear some of their work at Delta After Dark on Oct. 17 and Sister Circle’s Purple Haze on Oct. 24.

For more information contact Taylor Vinson, president of Untamed Tongues, at

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