New Year’s Resolution … What’s The Point Anyway?

Taylor Vinson, The Black Bear – It’s finally 2015 and here come our newest resolutions! Every year we have resolutions we set, but what’s the point if we’re already off track two months later? Our plans to lose weight gets wrapped up in all the sweets that are too irresistible to pass by (I’m definitely a sucker for sweets and food in general!), our homework becomes a game on how much we can procrastinate until it gets finished, our goals to be more social instead of being a homebody all day (or stay in more for others!) requires too much effort and ultimately, we end up sticking to our same habits.

So I ask, what exactly is the point?

Collection of books Photo Credit: Taylor VInson

Collection of books Photo Credit: Taylor VInson

I like to consider my resolutions as goals to allow room for growth. That is the ultimate point isn’t it? One of my goals this year is to read more books by Black authors, fiction and nonfiction.

With everything that’s been going on in our community this year, it’s so important to be aware of our history and the lives of active African Americans who have impacted the rights we have today. With easy access to social media and online publications, often times we can rely heavily on the information we find, but it’s so vital to go back to the root and read work published first hand by the authors themselves.

Fiction books are also a great way to celebrate our culture and indulge in stories with characters of similar backgrounds, which are not always seen in regular english classes. I find a lot of my books from Meyer Library which is full of books, peer reviewed and primary sources to borrow but beware of late and lost book fines because they will creep up on you and won’t leave you alone!

Another goal is to focus on my studies more this semester than anything. We are all college students pursuing degrees and for some of us, studying can be more struggling than for others. The Multicultural Resource Center located behind Starbucks on the 1st floor of the Plaster Student Union can be a good place to study (when it’s not too busy), but it’s also a great place to meet people and be social!

Weight loss is a notorious new year resolution for a lot of people and it shouldn’t be one that’s hard to keep up with because the Foster Recreation Center is so amazing! They have a wide variety of things to help you keep on the right track this year from a 3-lane pool and spa, basketball courts, weights, rock wall climbing, workout classes, and more!

This 2015 year comes with more goals to reach but even more accomplishments! Set your goals for the year and make sure everyday you’re doing something that moves you forward. I wish you all the best New Year and let’s make it a good one!

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