MoState, Mo Fun!

Missouri State National Pan-Hellenic Council Photo Credit:

Missouri State National Pan-Hellenic Council Photo Credit: Social Media

Alisha Harris, The Black Bear – It’s a new year, new semester and everyone is back to school hoping for excitement to start the year off. Missouri State University student organizations are hard at work planning campus events for the spring semester.

The celebration of African-American history comes in February, along with more campus events. Some will be entertaining, educational, even an open forum about certain topics. If you’re looking for certain events that will take place, there’s a couple things you can do:

  • Check the Missouri State University website calendar frequently for upcoming events.
  • Ask around campus and talk to your peers involved in extracurricular activities, service organizations and Greek letter organizations.
  • Contact any faculty member from the African-American Studies department, students involved in the African Student Association and the Association of Black Collegians for future details on upcoming church events and open forums.

Many of the National Pan-Hellenic Council chapters of Missouri State University will be hosting events for the spring semester. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Sigma Theta chapter, will start off the semester with Alpha week, from Feb. 17- 22.  Look out for more details and dates on specific events later on in the semester.

Since it’s a new year, most of the student body is making an improvement of their grades and health. Several Missouri State students express their excitement to return to school on social networks. Some even use the term “Mostate, Mo Fun” to show how they look forward to this new semester.

Although it is important to keep up with your school work, you can also make this semester something to reflect on during the summer. If you want to keep your semester interesting, learn how to manage your time by balancing school work and studying, with a little relaxation and entertainment. Try to make a little room on your plate this semester for these upcoming spring events.

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