Cover Art by Riana Clark, an original painting entitled Black

Deal with it
My thoughts hang heavy in my head
Choked out, caught up, can’t speak, c a n ’t br e at h e
He told me to deal with it
They tell us to deal with it

Baby, we got bigger problems to fight than those women problems
Say, why you trying to separate us?

Black boys are dying, can’t you see?
Black women too

No Baby, all that aint with the revolution
The revolution, aint with you, I mean, I mean
Sista, we will deal. With. That. Later.

When I ask how many times men kill women in a day, mouths fall silent
Every time he picks up his ignorance, cocks it back and lets it shoot through his teeth
Every time he calls her “Bitch”
When he comes home swaggering with Hennessy on his tongue
and tells her, she deserves this
Black and Blues, we are afraid of those hues just like you, Sir
Because a woman must surely have done something,
I mean, what kind of man JUST hits a woman?
When we are afraid of the demons that live inside our loved ones too
They say every 1 and 4 Black girls will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18
They say more often than not it’s always by someone she knows

Baby, the revolution, aint with you – he says

When he tells me to bend it over, you know face down, ass up,
Like I am your own personal Hottentot Venus
Lock me in a cage of money and video vixens, no,
I will not dance for you half naked for all the pretty girls to see,
I know they want to be just like me, I know society wants to be just like me,
But no one really wants to be an angry, unloved, Black girl,
No, no one really wants to be like me, you see

I know why caged birds sing
We WILL breathe, we WILL breathe
And our words will not reek Counter-Revolutionary
You will not seduce us into closed mouths because of our kinship
Brothers, Black women too are fighting for our humanity
Can’t YOU see?
Black women have been dying for a while now

Put down your guns, let your bullets of ignorance and oblivion drop to the floor and see me
I am broken.
But I am beautiful still
Let the sound of Black Love ring
Let the fruit of my womb be the only thing that’s real

Don’t let the world make a criminal out of you

Love me
Protect me
With hair kinky or straight
Angry or in bliss
Dark skin or light
Because I love you so much

And I want us to join in this fight, together
To win, together
We must carry on the tradition to freedom, together.

About Truthfully Taylor (2 Articles)
Communications major and advertising and promotions minor out to tell the stories of the world. I love art and connecting with people! I'm on my journey of finding my truth and learning what it means to live in it. Discover me at

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