If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late To Study For Midterms

Photo credit: Angela Agaen Studying is very important when it comes to doing good in midterms, it is advised to start studying two weeks before your midterm exam.

It is advised to start studying two weeks before an exam. Photo credit: Angela Agaen

Alisha Harris, The Black Bear

If you’re reading this it’s probably too late to study for midterms, but finals will be here before we know it and it’s never too late to change your studying habits to achieve the best grade possible in all your classes.

James Sly, psychology instructor has used some of his lectures over the topic memory, relatable to college students in ways that can help them study. Sly refers to the term “distributive practice” as one of the methods a student can use to help them study.

“Distributive practice is the best way for long term retention of material,” Sly said.

This means this type of practice can help keep lots of information stored in your memory long enough so you can retrieve it when it’s time to take your exam.

“This practice is especially useful for comprehensive finals,” Sly said.

So one might ask how to use distributed practice.  “The use of distributive practice is the opposite of cramming” explained Sly. “It’s literally distributing, or breaking apart pieces of your material and distributing them into days of studying a little bit everyday,” Sly said.

Missouri State University offers another helpful study resource called the Absent Professor Program. This program is ran by The Bear Claw and offers several presentations with study resources.

For those that aren’t the best with time management, this programs give a five-day exam preparation strategy thats sets up a five-day study schedule study for you and tells you what you should be doing on each of those days.

You can access this website at http://absentprof.missouristate.edu

Stephen Chew, a psychology professor at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama is most known for his video series titled “How To Get The Most Out Of Studying.”

In Chew’s first video he makes a list of commonly mistaken strategies that most students make when preparing for an exam.

Beliefs That Can Sabotage Your Learning

  • You’re a fast learner, Cramming all the chapter readings into one night.
  • The highlighted terms are the most important, using flashcards to only memorize definitions of the highlighted terms in your chapter readings.
  • Believing that you are naturally bad at a certain topic.
  • Saying you’re good at multitasking, trying to studying while watching television, checking your email or on social media.

Watch this video to get more details on how not to think when you’re preparing for your midterms.

If you’re reading this story then you’re definitely too late to start studying for your midterm exams. “You need at least a week to start preparing for midterms,” Sly said.

Be sure to take all these important tips and apply them to your exams in the future, and don’t forget to watch Stephen Chew’s video series. Remember to practice, practice and practice your material, a little everyday. “You have to commit the time and hard work necessary to succeed,” Chew said.

These same rules and guidelines can be applied to tests, quizzes and final exams.

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