Yes or No to Body Wraps?

Photo Credit: Denise Barkel, Flickr

Photo Credit: Denise Barkel, Flickr

Myesha Smith – The Black Bear – Today, spas, Instagram promoters and marketers use body wrap offers to help people shed inches off their waistline. According to experts, people may use them for feet, foreheads or waists.

“People have worked at sculpting their bodies in one form or another for centuries,” says Carmen Boyd, the dietetics program director for Missouri State University.

Some critics may say the only thing that is guaranteed is a lost in money. However, the other half may feel differently or have had great results.

Travia Gray, a Missouri State University student, is a distributor for It Works products. She says she learned about the body applicator about two years ago and she believes it is the most popular wrap.

“Most people are skeptical about the wraps, but once they try it and follow the directions they see amazing results,” she says.

Specialists say the function of this particular wrap is to tighten and create a firm shape, in 45 minutes. They can be worn anywhere on the body for up to eight hours.

According to Boyd, wraps that are utilized for relaxation or moisturize can be healthy. Wraps that involve excessive sweating or are too tight for a long period of time can be harmful.

Boyd also says, “Weight loss from wraps is only from the loss of fluid and will be temporary. The way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.”

Gray mentions that there are many products to choose from for other weight-loss methods. She also says to not compare waist trainers with wraps due to the body wrap being “safer” with all-natural, and long lasting results.

Regarding body wraps, Gray says, “[They] are much more comfortable, and have a science behind them to help anyone achieve the results they desire.”

The popularity of body wraps does come with access to scientifically and health information.

According to Boyd those interested in weight loss should be cautious of ingredients in an herbal wrap because they could interact with other medications and create allergic reactions, examine your lifestyle to find balance and moderation, including with food and exercise, and decrease stress.

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