The Madness Behind March Madness

5186353742_6da31a19fe_zChris Collins, The Black Bear – In March, The National Football League and NCAA football are in their respective off seasons, Major League Baseball has just begun their long 162 game season, and the National Basketball Association is winding down on their grueling 82 game season.

It could be said that this is an unexciting time for sports if not for one glorious sporting extravaganza.That spectacularly entertaining event is the NCAA basketball tournament better known as March Madness.

The campus of Missouri State is no different as students and faculty alike get ready for one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year.

The first round of the NCAA tournament is finally here and fans of all types are filling out their NCAA brackets whether its just a casual fan, an alumni who blindly believes in their Alma mater, or a die hard stat-head.

“I don’t think it’s ever been like this where there are 64 teams and the 64th team could win it,” says MSU Junior Ryan Justice.

According to the estimations of the American Gaming Association, 40 million Americans fill out 70 million brackets everywhere.

So what are the odds that any particular bracket will be perfect? USA today projects a one in 772 billion chance of having a perfect bracket.

Even with those odds, millions of people still participate with the hope that their brackets will be that perfect bracket.

So why fill out a bracket especially with those odds?

“I don’t know it’s fun, but honestly it’s not about winning it’s about the art of the competition,” Justice says.

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