Study Tips For Final Exams

indexMyesha Smith, The Black Bear – It’s that time of the year where the semester is coming to an end, and students are scrambling to finish strong. MSU’s campus will accommodate for finals week starting with the traditional “dead day,” where students will have Friday off before finals to study for classes.

Facilities will also have longer hours as follows:

  • Meyer Library: 24 hours during finals week
  • Cheek Hall: Monday – Friday 24 hours, Saturday 10 a.m. – midnight, Sunday noon – midnight
  1. Keep your energy up: Students need 7-9 hours of sleep before taking their finals. Be sure to utilize free time and study consistently but give yourself breaks when necessary.
  2. 50-10 Rule: A rule found on Pinterest, for every hour that you study take 10 minutes to take a break. So study for 50 minutes, and use the remainder ten to clear your mind.
  3. Use your planner: Organization is the key to healthy studying. Using your planner, you can make a schedule of what you will study and when, you can also pencil in breaks.
  4. Exercise and eating healthy: Having good nutrition and exercising controls stress levels and blood pressure according to the American Psychological Association.
  5. Practice Quizzes: Utilize your notes and study guides to create quizzes for yourself to test what you have retained.

Some of the Missouri State family has given some advice to students during this time:

Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Letters Mark Biggs says:

  1. Eat a good breakfast the day of the final – or a good lunch before afternoon finals.
  2. Doesn’t work for everyone, but for me, making note cards of the big ideas/big points helps me retain information. The process of translating the idea physically from page/computer into writing helps me remember that idea better.
  3. When you get the actual test, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Don’t assume you know what you are supposed to do.
  4. Then answer all the questions you know the answers to first.
  5. Work steadily – keeping track of the time remaining.

Student Governor Tyree Davis IV says:

  1. Do not stress or get too anxious during your exam.
  2. Form study groups.
  3. Read the text books to prepare ahead of time.

President Clifton Smart says:

  1. Find a quiet study spot and get away from all noise and distractions including music and phones so you can focus on the material.
  2. If you missed some classes, get notes from a good student. You might try a study group to go through them together.

3.Reading the material and highlighting critical parts was helpful to me. Then review highlights.

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  1. Great post – liked the different perspectives everyone had to offer 🙂


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