Switch it up this fall, experience Springfield

imagesAlexis Creamer, The Black Bear– As a college student, social activities began to become pretty repetitive.  When you don’t take the time to really look into what your city has to offer, you begin attending the same restaurants, arcades, and movie theaters.

On a Saturday night, you find yourself at the same “kick-back” or party, surrounded by the same people you see at every social event and occasionally run into during the PSU lunch craze. Don’t lose the excitement in your traditional ways of having fun. Switch it up a bit and do things you wouldn’t normally find yourself doing. Experience the culture of Springfield.

Farmers Market of the Ozarks

Farmers Market of the Ozarks

Check out the surrounding farm land

  •      Farmer’s Market of the Ozarks:

Springfield has an advantage when it comes to home-grown produce and original crafted products. They incorporate Springfield’s best fresh farm produce, homemade baked goods, and local good eats all in one vendor filled lot for the entire community to enjoy! In this chill, laid-back atmosphere, enjoy a bite of brunch, shop for fresh organic food, unique crafts and accessories in the midst of some local Springfield music.

When: Every Saturday, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. until Dec. 24

Where: 2144 E. Republic Road

  •      Harvest fest Interactive Fruit Picking

It is now the season to enjoy the fall weather and indulge in “fall like” activities. What’s a better way to kick off the fall season than to interact on a local Springfield farm? Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park’s annual fall fest is now open, presenting six weekends of fall themed fun! Events include apple, peach and pumpkin picking, a 10-acre corn maze, Hay rides, meet & greets with farm animals and much more. Starting Oct. 4, the farm will present Haunted Trails as well.

When: Starting Oct. 4

Where: 3825 W Farm Road.

Get into the art culture

  •      Creatopia

Looking to get inspired?  Springfield incorporates many ways for the community to get a feel of the art scene other than just the First Friday Art Walk. During the weekend of Oct. 7-9, Distorted Utopia will present a free night full of local artists, entertainers, and live window displays. There will be food and drinks for sale. Creatopia promises that there will be even more in store for audiences when they arrive.

When: Oct. 7-9 from 5-10 p.m.

Where: 310 S. Campbell Ave.

  •      Art in the Park

        This is the 22nd year that the Southwest Missouri Art and Craft Guild is putting on Art in the Park, a contemporary and fine art show. Taking place in Springfield’s Sequiota park, individuals have the opportunity to meet professional artists and purchase their work. This show will include a colorful variety of artistic mediums: painting, drawing, printmaking, pottery, sculpture and glass, fine jewelry and textiles. Pick up a couple of pieces to “liven” up your apartment or dorm room.

When: Oct. 8-9

Where: Sequiota Park, 3500 S. Lone Pine Ave.

When outdoor fun isn’t what you’re looking for

  •      Springfield Escape rooms

        We are all aware of those dreadful, rainy flood-filled days. Don’t let the weather take away your weekend fun. Springfield has the ultimate indoor fun that everyone’s been talking about: Escape Rooms. Different rooms offer different mysteries and challenges and teams either have to work together to solve the mystery or discover their way out of the room, in only 60 minutes. This is an exciting way to introduce a new group activity that is perfect for roommates, friends and even co-workers.

When: Anytime

Where: Many different locations available

Let Twisted Tuesday’s replace Thirsty Thursdays

  •      Paint Nite

        Instead of going out to the local club, do something creative and artistic with friends. Paint Nite’s are the new crave as they are now hosted at local hot spots in more than 150 cities worldwide. Paint Nite has made its way into the hot spots of Springfield and presents painting with a twist in local bars and downtown restaurants. In a two-hour time span, a local artist leads you through the steps of creating a masterpiece, along with alcoholic beverages for the 21 and older crowd. Regardless of alcoholic preference, Paint Nite is waiting for all of you who want to switch it up a bit.

When: Every Tuesday 7-9 p.m.

Where: Check out www.paintnite.com for different locations

Take your significant other somewhere unique

  •      Fire House Pottery

        If you want to show your significant other you are more creative than just a dinner and a movie, take them somewhere to shot off your artistic side. Firehouse pottery is a studio that allows parties to come in and get creative by painting a piece of pottery of their choice. They have hundreds to choose from, to name a few they have vases, plates, wine glasses, figurines and tiles. Check out firehousepottery.com for more information.

  •      Creative Escape Glass


    Creative Glass Escape

        Pottery isn’t your thing? Go infuse beautiful glass pieces with your special someone instead. Creative Glass Escape gives individuals the opportunity to learn how to cut and saw glass into various shapes. You also learn how to infuse it with color while firing it in the kiln. Couples can learn numerous techniques and work on creating a finished glass infused piece together. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, go to creativeescapeglass.com.

  •      Oovvda Winery

        For those of you who are 21, Oovvda Winery is waiting to give you and your significant other a free wine tasting. With barbecue grills available, Oovvda Winery encourages couples to bring a picnic basket of food, chairs, blankets and anything you may need to enhance your experience. If sitting in the grass doesn’t sound too romantic to you, they have picnic tables and chairs on-site as well. Pick your favorite choice of wine and set the mood at Oovvda Winery.

When: From noon to dusk

Where: 5448 N Berry Lane

Upcoming food overloads, not via the dining hall

        The dining halls and the PSU can become a drab and make eating lunch or dinner not very exciting. Aside from local or family owned restaurants, Springfield offers many ways for the community to indulge in fresh gourmet food.

  •      Taste of SoMo

        The name tells it all, if you’ve tried “The Taste of (insert your city)” back at home then why not try the food that make up the city of your college campus.

When: Oct. 8

Where: Park Central Square

  •      Bacon Fest

        Does every man really love bacon? You will have to find out at Springfield’s fourth annual bacon fest. This fest will present just about everything infused with bacon. At the event, chefs will prepare only the best and most unique bacon snacks. This bacon fest is only for the 21 and older crowd, but for those of you who are younger, maybe you can smell the bacon in the air on the sidelines.

When: Oct. 29

Where: Ozark Empire Fairgrounds E-Plex

  •      Wingapalooza

        Most college students enjoy wings, they pop up everywhere: in the PSU at Grill Nation’s 75 cent wing Wednesday, football game parties and tail gates. Since we eat wings all of the time, why not try the best wings Springfield has to offer at Wingapalooza? They will be saucing thousands of wings at this place just to receive the crowds best vote.

When: Nov. 5

Where: Springfield Expo Center


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