Students test drive alcohol awareness

Jevon Bausby, The Black Bear – Running over a traffic cone was completely against the rules in the activity of driving with fatal vision goggles. But as expected, students failed miserably in the form of entertainment.

Along with the restructuring of objects, excitement seemed to be very constant which set the tone of the evening.


Photo courtesy of Ryan Welch.

The Taylor Health and Wellness Center held an alcohol awareness event on Monday Oct. 17, 2016 in lot 28 west of Hammons House. The main purpose of the event was to expand on the usage of alcohol and its consequences along with some safety tips.

The event highlighted college students and the importance of protecting themselves when consuming alcohol.

“I think the whole importance of the event is to make sure students are aware of using alcohol and being safe with it. Some people know how to control their alcohol and others struggle with addictions, but we want to make sure people are responsible whenever they’re using it,” said event coordinator Jerilyn Reed.

Two substation officers attended to elaborate more on alcohol and safety. In addition, two activities involved fatal vision goggles for students to take part in.

One consisted of students walking down and back on an imaginary line to see if they could control their balance. The other activity involved an obstacle course where students drove a golf cart to test their driving skills as if they were under the influence.

“It doesn’t slow down your thinking, it only messes up your vision,” said Grant Kelly, sophomore graphic design major.

The issue of knowing what to expect when encountering police officers was evident in this event. David Kenyon, a Missouri State University substation officer could not stress enough on the importance of respect in regards of students interacting with officers while drunk.

“We’re aiming for cooperation,” said Officer Kenyon.

It became clear that cooperation determines the flow of an encountering. Not being cooperative could possibly lead to tickets being issued which is something the police are not afraid of.

Officer Mark Stewart stood firm as he spoke on the consequences of driving while intoxicated. He made sure the audience knew the effects of drunk driving also sharing some personal stories showing up at accident scenes.

“If you get pulled over for a DWI it is automatic jail time,” said Officer Stewart.

The officers ended with a rule of thumb insisting that if you’re going to drink make sure you have a designated driver at all times. There should never be an instance where a drunk person is alone controlling a vehicle.

“People don’t think it’s going to happen to them. When it does happen you end up killing somebody,” said Officer Kenyon.

Not realizing the consequences of driving while drunk was the biggest concern the officers dealt with when speaking on this issue, making it very clear the dangers of involving in such silly activity.

“People don’t have anything personal to drive the idea home to make them realize what they’re doing is very dangerous.” said Officer Kenyon.

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