Students strut in MSU Drag Race

All of the Drag People.jpg

Photo by Sabrina Merrill.

Sabrina Merrill, The Black Bear – LGBTQ students were able to strut their stuff in a RuPaul style drag race on Oct. 21 in the Plaster Student Union at Missouri State University. This was one of the many events for LGBTQ history month.

Drag queens and drag kings sashayed around on stage and throughout the audience, hoping to receive a bit of the fake money passed out by the LGBTQ coordinators.

Planners of the event Jordan Shalla, who works in the LGBTQ Resource Center, and Aryne Say, co-president of Spectrum, said that they wanted to highlight “different subcultures in the gay community and have the students do drag.”

In the past years hosted on the Missouri State campus, professional drag racers have been brought in from around the community to do drag and talk to students. This was the first drag race that allowed students to do drag themselves, despite different levels of experience.

“Students can express themselves and do things they haven’t done before” Shalla and Say said.

This new method of finding performers for drag shows allows for a lot more people to try it out for the first time. 

“This is my first time doing drag, I’m a drag baby” Sarah Davis, whose stage name was Aiden Slay, said. “I feel like the world is… I don’t know, I don’t even have the words to describe how I’m feeling!”

Aden Slay (Sarah Davis).jpg

Photo by Sabrina Merrill. Sarah Davis strikes a pose at the show.

David Jordan, whose stage name was Sasha Ristova, said she learned about the show last year.

“Last year they told me about this show and here I am. In these heels. Killing myself,” Jordan said.

While a lot of newcomers to drag got to take the stage for the first time, old time queens like Kevin Wesley, whose stage name was Harmony Rayne, were able to take the spotlight as well. She’s done drag for years.

Luz (Neil Cathro).jpg

Photo by Sabrina Merrill. Neil Cathro, whose stage name was Luz, struts around on stage.

“I saw it on TV, performed when pick out from an audience at an LGBTQ kickoff, put on a wig and a dress and kept going. I loved it,” Rayne said.

This event succeeded in introducing drag to a lot of students who had never tried it out and to audience members curious about what a drag race is.

To learn more about what’s happening for LGBTQ, check out Missouri State University LGBTQ on Facebook, @msu_lgbtqrc, or the new LGBTQ resource center in the basement of Freddy’s or PSU 142.

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