With Food, Comes Love This Holiday Season – Commentary

Mostaccioli. Photo Credit: Taylor Vinson

Mostaccioli. Photo Credit: Taylor Vinson

(Originally posted November 2014)

Taylor Vinson, The Black Bear – Holidays are around the corner. It’s just something about the cold weather that makes everyone want to gather together and all the food, family and friends. It just makes coming home a nice break from everything. When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of the ham my grandfather used to make, and the best sweet potatoes, greens, and chicken my dad makes; and the mac and cheese my mom makes.

It’s so interesting to see how different families eat during the holidays.
I love my culture and I love the food we eat. I think it’s so important to us.
When you think about holiday eating, you have to think about the cooking.
Our mothers and grandmothers stay up cooking sweet potato pies, greens,
and cornbread. When we come together as a family, we know that they’ve
worked hard to feed us; we know that they love us.

Every year, I go to my aunt’s house or my grandmother’s house. That’s where all of my cousins will be. Sometimes, we’ll have mostaccioli, mac and cheese, ham and turkey, greens, sweet potatoes, cornbread and stuffing. You can’t forget the cranberry sauce! Although the food that comes with the holidays can be loaded with calories, it’s the one time you can indulge as a family in more ways than one. The holidays are about indulging in everything good in your life. It’s important that we can laugh, eat, and love together. It’s the one day I don’t have to worry about school assignments or tests. I can just be with my family.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all the opportunities I have been blessed with this past year and all the opportunities to come. I’m excited to go home for break to indulge in the love of my family; through food, music, and laughter. This Thanksgiving, I encourage you to indulge in the love of those around you. Know that eating healthy is definitely important, but being happy should, always, be on the top of your list.

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