LGBTQ Spotlight: Jordan Upchurch

img_4117Alexis Creamer, The Black Bear – Missouri State’s LGBTQ Community approached the end of October with a bang by throwing their annual Drag Race on Oct. 21.

Jordan Upchurch, also known as Jay Prism on stage, was this year’s spunky diva host. He allowed all individuals to openly express themselves on stage as he did himself with his confident presence.

“I always looked up to drag queens,” Upchurch, a senior marketing and mass media major, said. “I thought they were positive, powerful, strong human beings, and I always wanted to be that.”

This is Jordan Upchurch’s second year performing drag and he demanded the stage just as strongly as he demands respect for the LGBTQ community.

“They should know that they are different,” Upchurch said. “And with that in mind they should stand up for who they are, as well as others in our campus community.”

Upchurch continues to make great strides towards the true meaning of diversity and inclusion while being on campus. He currently serves on the Diversity Council as well as the university’s Bias Response team. Upchurch strongly believes that his sexuality gives him more drive.

“It helped to build me up to where I am today,” Upchurch said. “It built my leadership, my involvement on campus, and my activism. And I think all LGBTQ people should take advantage of that.”

img_2536Upchurch took advantage of his identity and came out to his high school and parents as a sophomore. Although his parents were first indifferent, the support from his school gave him the confidence to continue to stand up for himself and express who he truly is in college.

Along with creating a voice here on campus, he is very passionate about expression. Upchurch filmed a video this month and posted it on the university’s diversity page. He wanted students and faculty to have the opportunity to understand and see things in the perspective of the LGBTQ community.

“This entire month, the amount of programs, and everything that has been happening on campus are really a huge part of the change that’s been going on around here,” Upchurch said. “I feel Missouri State makes us all feel very inclusive, it just continues to get better and better.”

With his marketing, mass media skills and sense of activism, Upchurch has the motive to continue to create a strong presence of the LGBTQ Community. By serving as a leader on

Missouri State’s campus, and remaining transparent through his funny yet honest YouTube channel, he finds outlets and ways to raise awareness and acceptance of all sexual identities.

To keep up with all the ways Jordan is making a difference follow his twitter @jupchuck and his YouTube channel Jordan Upchurch.

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