MSU students compete for $1,000 in scholarship pageant

Sabrina Merrill, The Black Bear – The beauty and talent of women of color was on display during the 2017 Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant, sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha.

It began with a dance to Beyoncé’s ‘Formation.’ The competition was then sectioned into four categories for judging: the introduction speech, swimsuit, talent, and formal dress.

Each category was filled with personality from each of the candidates. The introduction speech gave a basic idea about her origin as well as current goals and life. The swimsuit portion had little dances and coordinated movements with some members of Alpha Phi Alpha.

The talent portion saw  a wide variety from painting to rap and slam poetry to full on dance routines. Finally, the women dressed in evening gowns for the formal dress portion and answer politically charged questions dealing with the state of current public affairs inside and outside of Missouri State University.

The title of Miss Black and Gold means a lot to different people as well as to the community and Alpha Phi Alpha.

“(The title of Miss Black and Gold) means Strength, a representative of community service, articulate, poised, an example for others to follow, a scholar who is able to be an example for other leaders to work from a platform,” Shannon Black, a judge for the pageant, said.       

At the end of this talent showcase finally came the winner of the Miss Black and Gold Award, Alexis Creamer, a junior marketing major. She won the thousand-dollar scholarship that came with the title.

“For every girl who thinks that they can’t be onstage or exhibit themselves with confidence I just want to let you know that you can,” Creamer said.


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