Reach. Invest. Enhance. James Moore and Lupita Perez-Lopez run for SGA

Dominique McCrary, Black Bear– Using a platform that encourages all forms of diversity, James Moore and Lupita Perez-Lopez are running for student body president and vice president, respectively.jimmy and lupita

Moore and Perez-Lopez both have ties to Multicultural Programs on campus, Moore is a part of the LGBT+ community and Perez-Lopez is a part of the Latina community. They plan on using these ties and their involvement in other related activities to increase diversity on campus.

Moore says they want to provide a different perspective and “make more than just a statement.”

They plan to use the power of the Student Government Association (SGA) and use their involvement to ensure that SGA doesn’t leave people of difference behind.

Moore stated that he wants to help change the culture and atmosphere on campus, so that people of difference feel welcome on campus.

Moore and Perez-Lopez have been involved in several protests and rallies including Walkout for Our Lives. Perez-Lopez is also a founding member of P.I.N.K, a group attempting to bring Sigma Lambda Gamma, the first historically nationally Latin based sorority to Missouri State’s campus.

Their platform is a way for them to build a foundation for the future according to Perez-Lopez, they want for every voice to be heard and uplifted because “if we don’t do it, no one else will.”

Moore says they’re “creating shoulders for the next people to stand on.”

Polls open for Student Body Elections April ninth and close April 11.

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